Artist, Designer, Doodler

Based in Los Angeles, but from Seattle.

Works best with pixels, code, and catchy pop hits playing in the background.

Revolt TV

Website redesign proposal.

Gama Blue

Branding and website.

DMT Holdings

Web design for WordPress.


Pitch deck and process book.

Key Club

Branding and publications.

Cardboard Deer

My prototyping chops.

Door Decal

Literally a giant door sticker.


Fun stuff.

Hi! I'm Jenny, and as a third grader I was my elementary school's yearbook editor. Today, I'm a freshman at the University of Southern California in the Iovine and Young Academy, studying art, technology, and business. Digital is my preferred medium, but I can also do drawings, doors, and deer.

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© Jenny Zhang, 2016. Credits.

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See my Resume

© Jenny Zhang, 2016. Credits.